Just another day in Paradise — 14 Comments

  1. Good news from all over. You have my sympathy, sir. Hope Penny and yourself heals up soon.

    I like your "info-graphic" of the island by the way. Pretty much says it all?

    • That graphic is remarkably close to the current status.  As far as the gubmint is concerned the North is fucked; the South is heading that way; the East [and in particular, Dublin] is decidedly dodgy and the West had better watch itself.

  2. "Like a morgue", eh?  I'll have you know I managed a very cheerful department (although not so much for the clients) under the NHS, despite the best efforts of our management…

      • You resisted any unworthy impulse to suggest "People must've been dying to get in there", for which you have my gratitude…

    • Actually, for reasons that totally baffle me, Clare is high on the list.  The only local explanation is all those tourists arriving via Shannon.  Again, for some strange reason, Wicklow is currently the safest place to hang out [as the modern idiom has it].

    • It is only united enough to scream about their infection rates or to include them in weather forecasts.  Keep on paying!

      • (Puts on market trader's voice) Look , if you  take the six counties, we will give  you  a Boris  and a  Keir  for free. Now I can't say fairer than that .  And any two members of the royal family

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