Bubbles and executions — 5 Comments

  1. The Bubble.

    A company called Farmers Cottage has foreseen this need and they have for sale The Grand Deluxe Garden House Pod. Seems to be available from John Lewis. 

    It is all starting to look like a cheap 1950s SciFi film where creatures emerge from cocoons after a thorough probing.

  2. This situation is becoming uncanny indeed and things are becoming even more confusing due to all the contradictions brought forth by the so-called "experts". And why just Northern Ireland? I realize that it's not part of the Irish Republic and all, therefor under somewhat of a different government(?) but it's still part and parcel of the island. Since I'm still not sure how things work over your way…

    …do you have things like bubbles and executions in your part of the woods?


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