Needled — 5 Comments

  1. I shall submit a request under the Freedom of Information Act requiring the publishing of the redacted text!

    • Request denied.  Sorry.  I  just don't fancy being emasculated with a rusty pair of garden shears.

  2. I felt like absolute crap for 3 weeks prior to my (gasp!) in-person visit to my doc at my local VA clinic. I purposely didn't tell him, or the nurse that took my vittles vitals for that matter, about how I felt like crap for the past 3 weeks simply because I didn't want him or anyone else within earshot to start yelling about covid-19 and sticking long handled swabs down my throat via my nostril.

    After the exam was over the doc asked if I wanted a flu shot. I told him sure. In short, I got the flu shot and two days later I felt fine. Well, as fine as I usually feel anyway. This happens every year when the flu stab comes around. If I'm feeling sicker than a dog (why a dog?) I get the flu shot and I feel fine in a couple of days. It just goes to show I guess. Not too sure what it shows but it certainly does–whatever it is.

    • Heh!  Like yourself, I was feeling a bit ropey going into the surgery, and had the same dread of being treated like a plague carrier [having to lock myself up for two weeks?!!].  Frankly I can't say the shot made any difference,  I hardly felt the injection and the only lingering side effect is the little plaster he stuck on afterwards.

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