The Second Coming — 4 Comments

  1. Is it a second wave like we have in Germany?

    Week 14:
    Tests (total): 408,348
    Positive from these: 36,885
    Percentage: 9.03 %

    Week 37:
    Tests: 1,120,835
    Positive: 9,675
    Percentage: 0.86 %

    Increase rate: under 1. R-Zero: under 1. Serious cases (hospitalized): 293. Population: about 83 million.

    Hell of a second wave, that.

  2. Hi GD,

    Not sure about Ireland, but here in Blighty “cases” is the “Number of people with at least one lab-confirmed positive COVID-19 test result”. Not that they were ill or infectious, or even actually had the virus at all (the false positive rate of maybe 1% probably accounts for a lot of the “cases”).

    Similarly “deaths” is “people who had had a positive test result for COVID-19 and died within 28 days of the first positive test”. So, have a heart attack, go to hospital – where they will give you a Covoid test – die of heart failure and, lo, you are a Covid death.

    Expect a surge in “deaths” as the huge spike in testing continues, and winter ‘flu victims start to get counted as Covid too…

    Rhetorical question: why are these lying lairs still lying to us?

    Stay “safe” now 😉

  3. Te Irish Gubmint is certainly under the impression that there is a Second Wave in progress. Yesterday they stuck Donegal into a virtual lockdown [and blaming them foreign Unionists in the process].  Now they are threatening all of Wicklow [I think there were 6 further cases in the entire county yesterday! Wow!!]

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