The Irish are revolting — 6 Comments

  1. I see that Wales have now imposed these idiotic restrictions after leaving off for a while , all because 20 people in 100,000 a percentage of 0.02. It truly is bewildering to me, I’ve just carried on as normal, although I had some kind of like illness In November which was probably a version of Hong Kong fluey. This madness has to end soon ,because it’s got to be paid for by the likes of my children and their children.  

  2. Do a virtual 'tour' of the different countries of this world and its fundamentally the same CV script being rolled out in a bizarre Mexican wave for purposes unknown to the most of us. Perhaps the Walking Dead has morphed into reality courtesy of a glitch in the Matrix, makes more sense that the drivel 'experts 'scientists' civil servants and politicians put out.

    Did anyone on the Emerald Isle ever get to find out what happened to people who travelled more than 2km from home back when the madness began?

  3. Masks are doing more harm than good.  Even ones which trap the finest particles will still allow the Covid and other viruses through.  How do I know this?

    Hay-fever sufferers report that masks do NOT prevent their symptoms.

    The smallest pollen grains come from forget-me-not flowers and are approx 10 microns diameter (0.01mm).

    Most tree pollen grains are much larger, up to 200 microns (0.2mm).

    Covid viruses are approx 125nm (0.125 microns, or 0.000125mm) diameter, that is, 80 times smaller than the smallest pollen grains.

    So, although masks may reduce the spread of coughs and sneezes, it's logical that they do not stop Covid viruses.  A face-shield stops coughs and sneezes and does not impede breathing, so when insisted upon by shop drongos, that's what I use.

    I wonder what the idiots in charge would do if everyone used face-shields instead of these pointless and unhealthy masks?

  4. "It was only a matter of time before people started to revolt against the widespread laws and restrictions that have torn normal life asunder"

    (sigh) If only they'd start doing it here as well. Not just the little (anti-masks/restrictions) protests popping up here and there but on a country wide basis. But noooo. Too many idiots people have bought into the hype. I swear, most people here are so gullible these days they'll believe anything…

    …or am I being a bit too cynical?

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