Going foreign — 2 Comments

  1. You have my sympathy, sir. To both of you. If I have to wear one of those blue "procedural" type masks, even for as little as a half hour, I swear I feel slightly sick for the rest of the day. It's happened more than once so I'm convinced it's a legitimate feeling. Laurie would just end up hyperventilating to the point of passing out but I step in before that happens. Picking her up and putting her in the shopping cart would probably put my back out and we'd both be laying in the aisle–very embarrassing all around.

    So, besides the panic by the staff, what was the prognosis on Herself? As well as can be expected I hope?

    • It was a visit to the optometrist to check on progress of a cataract and whether she's ready for surgery [she is].  It's the place I have had to visit on a regular basis over the last months so I knew my way through the maze of interconnecting corridors and identical plazas.  Unfortunately this was the first time I couldn't use the stairs [which aren't wheelchair friendly] so we got lost again finding the lifts.

      I can't exaggerate how relieved we were to escape into the underground car park after, and take in deep lungfulls of fresh exhaust fumes and tobacco smoke.  Bliss!

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