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  1. Share your asteroid and take me with you?

    What frightens me is that it is pretty much the same everywhere you look. What is really going on???

  2. I note that they always talk about “the number of new cases”

    There are reports surfacing that multiple (say, 5 positive) tests ON THE SAME PERSON will be counted as 5 DIFFERENT tests for the purposes of making the figures look more scary. And months ago our own dear gubmint were guilty of counting home testing kits sent out (regardless of whether they were returned) as completed “Tests”.

    Basically, don’t believe a word any of them say…

  3. Well I feel they sould really bite the bullet and stop fannying about with restrictions. Every zombie who tests positive for le virus should be exterminated. It's the only way to keep people safe, by killing them off.

    Sure their lives may be shortened a bit but it's for the greater good a sacrifice everyone should be able to make. I suggest they start with those who have already had it and 'survived; They are likely asymptomatic super seeders and they need eradicating if humanity is to endure past the end of 2020.

    Favourites such as Tom Hanks, Charlie boy, Bojo and if memory serves little Leo would be no longer with us but the pain we would all bear at their passing is bearable as we would at long last know they were safe. Dead true but safe from the virus.

    • Every zombie who tests positive for le virus should be exterminated


      The problem with that approach is PCR testing is subject to significant "false positives":

      Mind you, if you really want to reduce the population I suggest David Attenborough as as suitable starting candidate – he's patron of "Population Matters" (formerly the "Optimum Population Trust"). Their aim is to reduce the world population to well under one billion, which they consider to be necessary for sustainable life on the planet. Quite how this is to be achieved without mass genocide is another matter…

      • The death dealing virus that is wreaking havoc amongst people everywhere or so we are told, which can only be 'discovered' with a test none of which seem to work anywhere near effectively and let's not forget some folks are carriers who display no symptoms whatsoeveratall and spread it willy nilly all over the shop without getting anywhere near a test 'kit'.

        So deadly it's killed (shh don't tell anyone but no-one has ever found a live virus, or a dead one for that matter) by soap and water, vitamin D, ultra violet light, sitting at home for a number of days (depends on which country one finds oneself in) and of course Domestos.

        It jumps species, cats, humans, dogs, avocados without changing its profile, It can survive outside of a body for either days weeks or hours, depending on yer 'expert'.

        Waits until you are maskless or get to a certain age, can survive at sea, in the air, on the ground, moves with impunity, but is stopped by the simple action of wearing hi-viz (bin men).policymen's uniforms, funeral directors suits, staying a certain number of feet away from other people at all times, but easiest of all is to be 'on the clock' in any inside commercial space.

        Yes this miracle of creation even knows when you have clocked on or off. There is nothing it cannot do except infect the stupid with common sense or sadly stop climate change in its tracks and somehow it managed to miss the Greta Gorgon.

        Happy days.


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