Where will it end? — 13 Comments

  1. Grandad,
    With stuff like that being rammed down folks throats and our youth even being upset at the sight of a full stop I fear for the future. There's concerns out there that kids have missed so much of their education owing to some flue bug but it seems to me schools haven't been doing any teaching for many years now.

  2. They now banning mug with R.Dahl inscription,she was struck with brilliant idea.Truly the lunatics ets.Black mark for lunatics.And Black mark.

  3. Can't be doing with all this nonsense, still worrying how I'm going to rewire the Hi-Fi with 56 genders of plugs and sockets.*

    * Please note this full stop has no emotional significance nor is it intended to convey any emotive feelings towards or engender emotive feelings from, the reader.

  4. I read the same "disclaimer" from Mozilla about why they're doing this, that and the other thing. Initially I was as disgusted as you were but shortly thereafter I stopped being disgusted. Why?

    One, it's bad for my already high blood pressure.

    Two, the lawn needed mowing and I need to be in the best frame of mind for that. The reason being that my mind only has room these days for one thing and mowing the lawn takes up all the space. Being disgusted at the same time is rather dangerous when I'm behind the wheel of a lawn tractor with blades whirling.

    Third, why should I bother getting all disgusted and writing a post about it when you do it so well? I could never compete but believe me, I feel just as much disgusted as you do.

    Note: I was, for a short while anyway, slightly tempted to start a local newsletter called "Ludicrous Times".

  5. I think these people are doing it to annoy to see if we bite. They are baiting us.

    To use their own terminology, they are primary baiters.

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