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  1. I personally like the first one. Hey I heard on our news today that Ireland is finally banning Americans from entering your country. Wise move. 

  2. "As if Piers Morgan feverishly promoting them weren’t evidence enough, here are the facts on why you absolutely, categorically should not wear a face mask. They make you suggestible; they make you more likely to follow someone else’s direction and do things you wouldn’t otherwise do. In short, they switch off your executive function – your conscience."

  3. Laurie ordered a bee keepers head gear for both of us when our governor finally gave in and mandated that masks facial coverings must be worn indoors and outdoors if  one could not maintain at least 6 feet from another idiot individual. It consists of a floppy hat with an apron that hangs down the backside of it (in case someone decides to sneeze on the back of your neck), a face covering that snaps to the hat that combines both mesh (nose and mouth) and a solid piece of cloth down the front of the neck. It also includes wrap-around netting that's placed over the hat and is weighted on the bottom.

    Neither one probably stops a thing but it meets the mandate criteria. Laurie wears the hat and netting when we do our weekly shopping (looks like she's going fishing) and I wear the hat and the front face covering mentioned above (anyone sneezes on the back of my neck and I'll politely remove their face mask and breath in their face).

    Laurie's gotten all sorts of compliments about her headgear. Me? Most folks just keep a wide distance whenever they see me com…wait…they've always done that. Never mind then.


    • I agree that your headgear is unlikely to have any affect where the Bug is concerned, but by God you'll have the last laugh when Vermont is attacked by a swarm of Killer Bees!

      • I have a feeling we're due for an alien invasion here as well. Either way it just might take peoples minds away from this covid-19 virus thingy.

  4. Here in Blighty I went round a local supermarket wearing a long black hooded robe, a plague doctor mask and long orange vinyl gloves (the sort you do the drains with). Also a hand sprayer round my neck labelled “Anti-Dote”. Nobody said anything nor batted an eyelid, apart from a young boy who grinned.

    I’ve now stopped wearing masks in shops and am thinking of publishing a book – a bit like an “I Spy” book – where you can tick off the different places that you have been unmasked.

    I don’t see why I shouldn’t make a modest profit from book sales – everyone else seems to have a nice line in hand sanatiser, perspex screens, “keep 2m apart” tape and other CoronaDoom paraphernalia.

    • Are those "I Spy" books still around?  I used to have a small collection of them when I was a nipper.

  5. How about an, "Emperor's new clothes" trick?

    Just a loop of knicker elastic around the ears, draped across your nose & chin, so it'll look like an invisible mask to the checking goons.

    "It's made of the finest and thinnest material, only those with excellent eyesight can see it."

  6. Seriously though GD, we should all make a point of *not* wearing masks.

    Not because they are ineffective (which they are), nor because they may do more harm than good (of which there is some evidence), nor because we are scofflaws, nor because we are contrarians who refuse to do what the government says, either just because or because it is idiocy…

    But because to do so means that we would be complicit in the entire malevolent hysteria.

    That hysteria whereby thousands of old folks were infected and killed to “protect the NHS” in the UK – and similar elsewhere. Thousands more were killed because normal healthcare was suspended. Businesses and livelihoods were destroyed in “lockdowns” and much worse is still to come as the ongoing effects ripple through.

    The hysteria whereby our Dear Leaders, despite it being obvious for months that the disease was vastly over estimated in its severity and has largely abated, are still inflicting supposed “cures” that are quite obviously of no use and much worse than the disease.

    And they will get away with this incompetent stupidity as they always do.

    It would be so interesting to have Ms Raccoon’s take on this were she still with us…

  7. It's all about the vaccine. It is not ready yet, so scare stats need to be continually amplified so when the vaccine is ready the sheeple will be queuing round the block to get it. Kerching!

  8. Being old enough to believe that if I offend at least one person a day, then I must be doing something right, I bought a Darth Vader mask when face coverings first became 'popular'.

    In order to continue my philosophy, when wearing the mask, I also wear a T shirt printed with, “No, I’m not your bloody father!” on the front.

    By the way, written on my Kindle Fire.

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