Project Fear — 4 Comments

  1. Repeat after me:

    If it saves ONE life, it's worth it.

    (They never, ever quantify what "it" is but it's worth it nonetheless.)

  2. the rest just tested positive when they rounded up contacts
    Exactly. So they’re not Covid cases as the government and the media would have you believe, because they’re not ill. You need to show the symptoms of a disease to be a case of it. How many people would test positive for flu in a normal year but have no symptoms? How many people have e-coli in their gut but their immune system either tolerated it or fights off the bacteria and they show no ill effects? We don’t call them e-coli cases. If you have no symptoms you’re not ill!

    • Test the entire population and I can guarantee a huge spike in positive results.  But as you say – how many will actually be ill?

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