The Cure for Covid — 10 Comments

  1. Vote with your wallet – don't buy the "reformulated" shite.

    Pubs and restaurants will be very glad to lose some more customers than they've lost already via "tobacco control" and now Corona. They'll look forward to losing a few more who can't stomach the nannying while actually wanting a nice evening out.

    The nannying is getting worse – and more stupid – by the second. And it's again global. I sometimes start wishing the internet had never been invented – then stupid ideas wouldn't travel around the globe within seconds to be merrily picked up by all the idiot nannies. Wouldn't that be nice and quiet?

    • I don't mind if they produce an alternative "reformulated" item as I still have the choice.  The problem arises though when something is just changed and there is no alternative.  Can you imagine a sugar-free Mars bar?!!

      • Yes, regrettably I can. Like artificial "meat". And the sheeples are all for "natural" food but define "vegan meat" as something healthy. Back to nature, eh?

        For the rest, I agree: as long as there's choice, everything's fine. But I also thoroughly resent to be nannied.

  2. Junk Food  isn't defined. They just say food high in fat, sugar or salt. So that's butter off, bacon off, chocolate off, biscuits off, grapes off, raisins off, sausages off, salami off, cheese off, ham might be off, gammon off, Kobe beef off, lard off, cakes off, pastry anything off, and this tedious list can go on and on. Non-diet beverages except for tea and coffee. Just hand me a revolver and bottle of vodka. Bugger. Vodka is off. Too many calories.

  3. I guess it was 10 to 15 years ago everyone was screaming about obesity and how unhealthy we are.  All the fast food places started coming out with calorie counts and so called healthy choices.  It was about that time that Carl's Jr. and Hardees, Same company different names.  Carl's Jr in the west and Hardees on the east coast.  They came out with a menu of high calorie, high fat gutbusters.  Even to this day they advertise double bacon extra cheese double cheeseburgers and extra large fries.  They found a profitable market for the anti religion of health folks
    I think it was about three years ago I went to a Hardees about an hour from here and ordered a bacon double cheeseburger and fries and it was delicious.  Very tasty but it felt like a heart attack on rye.  It was so bad for me but WTF it tasted great and went down well with a large soda.

  4. The simple alternative would be to let the Covid virus run its course – allegedly, it will kill all the fatties, so they won't then need to impose regulation, taxes or nannying on the survivors.   Somehow I don't think they'll see it that way.

    • Excellent point. Not only the fatties but everyone with chronic ill health too. Would save the NHS billions if 70% of the clinical budget could be saved like this.

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