Another one bites the dust — 16 Comments

  1. Commiserations and condolences to you, Herself and Penny.

    Despite your many bemoanings of Malone, I always suspected you had a soft spot for him.

    • Yes, I think I discovered that soft spot as he cashed in his ninth life.  I'll miss his fuck-you attitude.

  2. Ah, he must have had a bit of age when you first got him. Sorry you lost him so soon. At least he was happy and purring just before he left.

    Just a point here if I may. In my rather extensive experience having both cats and dogs most of my life I have found that when you lose a cat it's best go out and get another one right off. With a dog it's different–you wait awhile first. Don't ask me why this is but it's often true.

  3. I'm sorry, too.

    But I'm also glad he went just like that – and spared you a painful decision.

    RIP, Cat (Malone)

  4. Bloody 2020. It's fucking up everything. Now even Malone has succumbed. At least he went peacefully, in the presence of  .. well, someone who tolerated but understood him.

    Sad loss.

  5. Cats are strange beings. No wonder ancient peoples either revered  them or feared them.

    We have had a few, all either rescued or else just turned up and adopted us. 

    Malone had his final years in comfort and with friends. 

    I am sure that he will have cat marked your gate post "Good home" and another will take over.

  6. Strange thing about cats, they can die of a heart attack in mid air as they jump from one chair to another in your lounge. Dead on arrival. I know, we had one die young, but happy. You have done well. You made a cat happy. Get another immediately, otherwise you'll be complaining about mice in the kitchen. And we couldn't bear that! Cats fill holes in our hearts. We enjoy being their servants.

  7. Commiserations,a a cat butler of 40 years service I confirm that getting another cat is a good plan, you wouldn't want your hard-won skills of service to deteriorate. They can be annoying little bastards, but they leave a fluff covered hole in our lives when they're gone…

  8. Very sorry for your loss, he did earn your respect but a peaceful way to go. I hope you get a rescue cat soon, you need a cat to complete a home.

  9. Thanks everyone [and welcome to those who haven't ventured here before].

    Cat lay in state in the parlour [as is Irish tradition] and then yesterday we held a very tasteful funeral in the garden.  He was laid to rest in his favourite blanket and Granddaughter the Younger bawled her eyes out.

    He couldn't have wished for a more dignified end.

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