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  1. Is it still the case that you have to wait for cataracts to get worse before they can take them away to make the eyes better?


    • I don't know.  The Young One said there was no hurry and I have an appointment to see her again on the 24h March next.  At least she expects me to live that long which is some consolation?

    • No, the idea that you have to wait until they are 'ripe' is a fallacy, however in the UK the NHS won't remove a cataract until it is near bad enough to prevent you driving. I suspect the same is true in Ireland.

  2. I had both eyes done in Spain and I must say that it wasn’t that bad. An hour and half of putting eye drops in every so often and then prep and into surgery. I reckon it was about 15 minutes under the knife, awake all the time, and listening to the medics discussing Real Madrid. Painless and no pirate patch even. Drove a couple of days later.

    • Ah hold on…. having to listen to them discussing football, and you claim it was painless?

  3. Don't worry about it, Grandad; it's a piece of piss. I've had both eyes done over the years, the left aged 60 and the right ten years later, and I drove home on both occasions. (Don't think I was supposed to, though, but what they didn't know…)

    I'm a month off 81 now, and I only need 1X magnifiers (a quid a pair from Poundland) for reading, and I can count the leaves on a tree a hundred yards away.

  4. Had mine done three years ago, at age 70, SWMBO had hers done a year later.

    No trauma at all with the ops, I'm still astounded by my vision now.

    • "No trauma at all with the ops"  I did have some trauma.  I asked some weeks before the op whether I should stop taking the anticoagulants (Rivaroxaban).  They said no I should continue taking them.  After the op I went around looking like I'd gone ten rounds with a heavyweight boxer.

  5. Just think of it as another step in becoming a cyborg. Eventually enough of your defective biological parts will be replace any and you can self identify as a robot. 

    They will usually ask if you prefer good distance vision or good close up vision. With the first you usually need reading glass. With the latter you may need glass to see far away. The operation itself is short and painless.

    While not all medical systems give you a choice, try to get a doctor with a lot of experience performing the operation. They have better outcomes. Like most other things practice makes perfect. 

  6. I'm actually not really worried about the operation – I know the worry is all in the mind.  The only real concern is that they give me perfect vision – after 65+ years of wearing glasses, can I learn to live without them?!

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