Waste not want not — 4 Comments

  1. Are unhealthy smokers who don't drink in a different category? 

    Ditto unhealthy drinkers who don't have a puff.

    What about the healthy ones.

    Then there is food, dangerous sports, sugar, sex, all the different smoking substances.

    My God, with all the combinations and permutations of these hazards there is enough study material to last an interfering fussbucket for a lifetime.

    All it needs are grants.

    Then there are all the other ages. Oh, bossyboots Nirvana.

    Give us your money,   NOW.


    ALL OF IT.

  2. Dear Grandad

    All the anti-smoker rhetoric is <i>de facto</i> tobacco advertising. The anti-smokers aren't that stupid: they know the more you bang on about smoking the more kids will be attracted to giving it a go.

    It'll keep generations of them busy for many working lifetimes to come.




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