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  1. Grandad,

    Good to hear your good lady's okay.
    May I ask a question? That Nokia 2720 – it's a flip phone, right? Her indoors would like one but as her family and friends are far away, I install Skype on her phones which saves a small fortune. Now I've asked the Web-a-Net this question but it refuses to answer me; will Skype work with that phone?

    • That is an excellent question and one I can't answer at the moment.  When I unpacked it I was mainly concerned with inserting the SIM, charging it, customising it [the sound level would have woken every ward in the hospital] and entering vital numbers for her friends [and family].  I noticed it had a browser, Farcebook, WhatsApp and a few others but didn't investigate that area too deeply.  I really can't answer until I can lay my hands on it again [if she hasn't drowned it in the meantime].

      There is a "Skype Lite" mentioned on the Net which apparently works with the Nokia 2720 though I have never heard of it before.  One thing I know couldn't work is two-way video calling as it only has a rudimentary forward facing camera.

      Photography aside, it's an excellent little phone.  It's very simple to operate [flip open to answer, flip closed to end call] with largish clear buttons.  It also has voice activation which works very well.  I was playing with the latter and tried "Call Lucy" – it promptly phoned Lucy which surprised both of us.  I didn't have enough time to really play with that [the phone, not Lucy], though it does open applications on command.  Whether it dictates into those applications, I don't know.  The small problem is that it isn't an Android – it uses KaiOS [which I had ever heard of].  It also has very limiting memory.

      Basically it's a brilliant Mobile PhoneSmart Phone it ain't.

  2. Grandad,

    Thank you for that. I got the bit about the camera just being the one on front; video calls are beyond her anyway. Yes, I did find the bit about Skype-lite and also have never heard of it. I guess I'll wait and get to a shop sometime. Thanks anyway.
    Her using 'call activation' could give me endless hours of fun…
    I can't believe there's no mention of this out there; sure don't happen often.
    Stay well you two during these difficult{?} times.

  3. Back in the late 80s when I got my first company mobile phone, it was a delight – I could call the wife if necessary but she wouldn't dream of calling me, it was too damned expensive.

    Now we've both got smartphones with unlimited call/text contracts, it's a bloody nuisance, she calls me for the most trivial reasons at the most inconvenient moments, it's like being on an electronic dog-lead 24/7.   Sometime progress ain't always grand.   You have my sympathy.

  4. Just goes to prove that in some cases, in-person beats the hell out of online. Considering the nightmares you've had with attempting to get other phones working I'm glad you finally found a solution that worked. It also makes me wonder if I could replace my lousy default TracFone flip phone with the Nokia 2720–if Tracfone carries it.

    Our best to you and Celine. Hope she's home soon.

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