Hang the expense — 2 Comments

  1. Isn't that just typical? Had the same type of experience some time ago when ordering some type of thingy or other for the computer, can't remember what (some time ago probably means years ago). Just a thought, if you're using the latest Firefox with all it's built-in protections you might have to turn them off before attempting to order on-line. It's done via the little shield icon to the left of the address field. Only turns off the protections for whatever site you're on. You probably already know this but I felt I'd mention it anyway.

    Give Herself our best would you?

    • It's a remote possibility that it was the browser but I doubt it.  If it was the browser then the site should have detected the fact and warned me to allow pop-ups or whatever.  I had no problems with other sites when shopping, just that one.

      Of course I'm too nervous to try it once more!

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