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  1. Yes, and because each little thing is another step on the way to their dream (nightmare?) of a "smokefree world".
    I still hope very much for two things: That nicotine will show itself as a good protection against The Virus – and that BAT will be the first to succeed in their search for a vaccine. Imagine all the heads exploding 😉

  2. They have missed a trick.

    More and more stage, screen, tv and other events are using smoke generators to create an "atmosphere"

    I am sure they could find a compliant expert to say  that actors will be dropping like flies in 20 or 30 years. It is always 20 or 30 years. Just to take the "expert" safely into retirement, and beyond recrimination.

  3. Having smoked menthol hand rolled tobacco for 37 years and little else, this decision to ban it has left me up the creek without a paddle. I am furious and have emailed my MP to express my extreme dis satisfaction. Does anyone think that this crazy decision will be reversed any time soon? Thought not!

    And by the way, please get rid of Public Health England right away, its not fit for purpose.

    • The writing's already on the wall for Public Health England, not that it will really matter, it will just be replaced, at great cost, with yet another self-aggrandising but differently-labelled quango with an even bigger budget of our money to achieve nothing.

      If you can spell 'anticipate', get your application in now . . . . you won't change anything but you'll get a damned good pension after a few years of non-achievement, just like they all will.

  4. Actually oxygen is poisonous, it just takes an average of 80 years to kill you. 

    I am not sure there are any products sold in the California that don't come with a warning that the contents can potentially cause cancer. 

  5. Going out for a walk around Worcester every evening, I have discovered that factory cigarettes are not very popular with younger people. They seem to prefer to roll their own and to smoke tobacco with a strangely sweet smell, sometimes engaging in the unhealthy habit of passing the cigarette around between them. The aroma of the smoke is clearly discernible from some distance and were the constabulary not engaged in telling people off for talking to each other, I think they might investigate the source of the smell.

  6. The anti-smoker-industry have to be seen to be doing something if they want to keep the grant money coming in. Banning menthol ciggies is doing something in true Yes Minister style. 

  7. When I was a young soldier I soon Learned that any cigarette could be turned into a Menthol one by simply wiping a thin smear of Tiger Balm along its length.

    • Or of course there's always the old trick of slipping a Polo mint into the pack (after taking a few cigs out, of course) and leaving it there overnight to give all of the cigs a mild minty tang.  Never tried it with different flavour sweeties, mind you, but it wouldn't suprise me if a strongly-flavoured fruit sweet wouldn't do the same thing.  Or a cinnamon stick.  Or what about a piece of strong-smelling dark chocolate??  Oooh, chocolate-flavoured cigarettes!  Now there's an idea which would really get the antis frothing at the mouth!  Worth trying just for that alone! The possibilities are endless. Eat your heart out, all you flavoured vape-users!

  8. I or rather we used to make our own.  We got menthol crystals and shoved them down the fag with a match.

    Of course it was hit and miss, or rather hit and HIT because the crystals varied in size.

    And you never knew which drag on your fag would "get" the crystal and knock the back of your head off.

  9. Anyone wanting the menthol: Get in touch with your friendly vaping nerd neighbour (but it has to be one of the nerds, not one of the "pod" users) – they can tell you what to do. 😉

    And it's anyways about time smokers and vapers sticked together … 😉

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