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  1. So what good would testing do you?

    All it would do is give the scaremongers justification. After hundreds of thousands failed to die, they would be able to shout "See, we told you. The plague was just hiding.

    The parallels with Warble Gloaming (© GRANPA) keep on coming. It did get hotter, the heat just hid somewhere West of Australia. Under the water. Very deep. And it kept moving so it could not be found. Anyway we get Storms now, like we never did before we changed the definition. So there. Give us your money.

    • I would be mildly interested in a test if only to prove to myself that the Lurgy is relatively benign.  I am constantly astonished over the panic over this Virus – the non-ending talk of a "crisis" and "emergency".  The world has gone totally insane.

  2. I've heard quite a few of my acquaintances suggest this. However, I can't recall the last winter I lived through without having at least one period of illness due to some mysterious unidentified bug –  some lasting little more than a day, others laying me low for a few days. People seem to have forgotten this. I think it's likely that many of these newly remembered illnesses fall into this category, but of course these days it's all Covid, all the time. There's no room left in our brains for anything else. I can just about still remember how to wipe my arse (most of the time, anyway).

    • There is no illness except Covid-19.  Everything else is just "an underlying condition" to be ignored.

  3. Hi Grandad

    Please don't take this Coronavirus lightly. I'm 69 (you are similar) and your symptoms sound pretty standard fare for the nasty thing.

    Yes, lots of people (particularly those under 50) experience mild or few symptons. In fact many under 30's never noticed having had it at all. People of our age are different.

    How is your sense of taste and smell ? 30% of COVID-19 cases experience loss of these senses and this symptom is a clincher if you have it.

    The ideal answer is the "Trump" drug combination (Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc and Arithromycin), ideally within the first 5 days of noticing symptoms. Unfortunately none of us can get Hydroxychloroquine without a prescription so we are shut down from this solution. I should mention that I can't stand Trump but even a broken clock can show the correct time for one moment in a day.

    Grandad, please take this seriously and if you can't get a solution then you may want to grab the following supplements from a drug store : –

    Zinc 50mg (One pill per day)

    Quercetin 500mg (2 pills spaced out over each day)

    This may not be good enough to help in a big way but is the only readily available thing I have read about if you can't find a way to get the good stuff from a sympathetic and very smart Doctor.

    Here's hoping you don't actually have this thing.

    I quietly enjoy reading your ramblings and am only trying to be helpful. However, feel free to ignore my mutterings, I won't hold it against you and I look forward to reading your scribblings for many more years.





    • Don't worry about me!  Whatever it was, it lasted or about a week and then just buggered off.  I can't comment on the sense of smell bit as I have a nasal infection for some time which lingers despite two courses of antibiotics [just finished a four week run of very strong ones] which buggers my sense of smell.  

      I'm sorry but I just cannot take this as seriously as I am supposed to.  I cannot understand why the entire planet is to be bankrupted over something that apparently kills as many as the normal flu virus.  From the figures they constantly pump out, the death rate seem to affect mainly the very elderly [80+] the vast majority of whom have "underlying conditions", so in all likelihood their time was short anyway. 

      • I remember you talked about the nasal infection.

        Relieved to hear it has buggered off. You are quite entitled to not take it seriously and yes the economic aspects are massive.

        It does look like the kill rate is going to end up somewhere between 1 – 2 percent, compared to 0.01 percent for influenza in an average year. The truth is clearly illustrated in something called excess mortality statistics. You can take a peek at these stats at the following url :-

        Stay well Grandad and all the best to you and herself……



        Ontario, Canada

        • Don't be silly. The fatality rate is going to be nowhere near 1%. Are you seriously suggesting that the 'excess' deaths can or should be attributed to Covid? It's inconceivable that at least some people whose cancer treatment has been suspended, to take just one group, haven't died. I would argue that such deaths should be recorded as 'because of' Covid, or rather because of pre-emptive hysteria. Whether we'll ever be told the true number of such deaths is anyone's guess. 

          • Trevor

            I would suggest you look at the graphs themselves. The link I provided shows graphs of excess mortality figures for most countries and maybe you can explain to me why the numbers are so abnormally high since the arrival of Coronavirus.

            While you suggestions are valid. They do not explain increases of the magnitude show in the graphs.



            • I've been following the UK statistics since it started. Until the first week of April deaths from  respiratory diseases, and the overall number of deaths, was at or below the five-year average. Then we began to see 'excess' deaths. Even with the mania for attributing everything to Covid just over half of the deaths were put down to Chinkenpox – so in other words more people than usual were dying of other causes. The first point to be made is: that happens. The fact that we talk about averages means that some years fewer people than expected die, other years more. The precise reasons are unknowable given the variables. There are blindingly obvious reasons why we should expect excess deaths: the health service has effectively stopped treating anything other than Covid, including cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. I'm not convinced that incanting the mantra 'Stay home, protect the NHS' will prevent tumours metastasising. The real culprit is not this or any other virus but the hysterical over-reaction.

              Having said all that, we're hardly tripping over dead bodies in the street, so a bit of perspective might be called for.

  4. The wife and I are pretty convinced we both had it sometime back in November of last year. For 2 weeks we both had the same symptoms you describe. Neither one of us bothered to check with the doctor about this (Laurie absolutely hates doctors), we just waited it out and it, as you say, just buggered off.

    Of course that was before this Covid-19 was even known, to the media at least, but apparently it was around even back then. Considering that the wife and I are both in the "higher risk" group we are currently alive and well having not been sick since.

    I wonder if I can be reinfected by leaving a comment?

  5. You probably had one of the mild strains. Contrary to the hysterical propaganda, most people are getting it and going back to normal, much as they do with seasonal flu. It may have a higher kill rate than flu, but it is still below 1%.

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