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  1. "What amuses me is the thought that if the facts were the other way around, and smokers were far more likely to develop the Virus then they would throw their “caution” to the wind and would be screaming from the rooftops."

    Already happened, hasn't it? Or don't you remember this little gem travelling around the world? If I remember right, that was based on five ! smokers …

  2. St Peter only denied the Truth three times – these obsessives with their incoherent hatred of the weed could manage many more.


    I really hope it's shown by independent tests that smoking does reduce the chance of infection, just to watch morons self-destruct!

    • They'll never admit that smoking has any benefits.  Any research [independent or otherwise] will be buried and ignored, just as they did with the passive smoking research [Kabat & Enstrom and the WHO study].

  3. It is difficult to comprehend that some expert or other is advocating more restrictions and misery on top of the absolute economical/ social suicide that we are going  through right now. What an utter asshole)

    • Welcome Peter!  I would class him more as a propagandist than an expert.  I sincerely hope he'll be ignored, because as you say, pubs and cafés will need every customer they can get when [if] this madness over.

      • Thanks for the link Ripper. It's well worth an hour of anyone's time to watch. I wonder how long the tube will allow it to be seen?

        It should make people angry but I doubt many will see it and those that do will never be able to convince the drones that there is and always was an alternative.

        I wish we had someone of Prof. Cahill's stature in England. Sadly her message will be lost in a sea of obfuscation, lies and collusion.

        • There is plenty more where that came from, some scientists are beginning to speak out. These are people with incredible credentials like Delores Cahill, other scientists include:

          Dr. Judy Mikovits (USA), PhD, Molecular Biologist

          Dr Rashid Buttar (USA) PhD, Virologist

          Social media are censoring these people, and also the people who carry their message, but good alternative places to look for them are Bitchute and Gab.

          If you want to discover what's really going on behind the scenes, Amazing Polly on Youtube is an excellent researcher, and she dispels the "conspiracy theory" accusations by actually showing the connections and cross references in her videos. She's also on Bitchute and Twitter under the name of (I think) freemind99.

          If you haven't seen any of this stuff, you're going to be shocked, and it will be difficult to take in that such things can happen. But don't take anyone's word as true, do your own research. And know this – ALL of the anti-tobacco, anti-fat, sugar, anti-anything organisations are tied very closely to the WHO.

          I won't post any links up here, as there are too many, but also look for the documentaries

          Tracking Down the Origin of the Wuhan Coronavirus (Youtube)

          Out Of Shadows (a documentary about behind the scenes Hollywood) (Youtube)

          There's also a documentary with Dr. Judy Mikovits, "Plandemic" due for release next month, but its already been banned. Nevertheless you can view/download part 1 on their website which features an interview with her. (www.plandemicmovie dot com).

          If you do a Google search for Judy Mikovits you will find nothing but hit pieces, She was arrested and jailed when she spoke out, but never charged with any crimes. Her career was totally destroyed.

  4. The anti-smokers are already on the case. You have the claim that even if smokers are (marginally) protected from catching it those that do catch it have no hope and are totally done for. Then I read that somewhere is actually doing some research on it – but nobody is allowed to smoke, they are testing using nicotine patches. Obviously the patches won't provide any protection because the virus attacks via the lungs but they will no doubt use this trial to 'prove' smoking doesn't help.

  5. They will never give up, even in the face of overwhelming evidence, their type never does.

    Same goes for the anti-car lobby – now that it is patently clear that using any public transport represents a definite public health hazard, they urgently seize on that opportunity to sketch out even more farcical cycle-lanes around the whole country, just to make the very safest and most practical form of personal land-transport less attractive.

    If instead they made access to, and parking in, city centres more feasible, they would not only eliminate a major source of infection but would also breathe new commercial life into those same dying centres.

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