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  1. Ah, poor Penny! And no coffee shop to boot. Talk about kicking someone when they're down. And you're right about the damn virus and the really horrible thing about it is not the virus itself but reaction(s) to it, both governments and people.

    Ah well. And here I was hoping to be long gone before the inevitable insanity of the human race began. On the the brighter side of things the cold weather we've been experience so late into May (and snow flurries if you can believe it) is about to finally break with temps in the 60's and even 70 (F) coming up.

    Just a thought here. Perhaps you could have someone build you a medium size shed that looked like a small coffee shop, outfit it with a couple small tables and chairs, put power into it with the proper coffee making equipment and there you are (notice I didn't say, 'Bob's your uncle'). Cut up some chicken into bits, stuff them into a snack bag, walk Penny around the manor a few times and stop at shed. Invite the neighbor and have him/her feed the chicken bits to Penny.

    • Hah!  That's a great idea.  I doubt Penny would be fooled though, and nor would I.  Life just won't be the same if the coffee shop goes.

      No snow here, just a chill in the wind which seems determined to come from the north.

  2. Set up a go fund me or similar campaign, advertise it on the coffee shop. If all the regulars just put in the amount they usually spend there it might just make a difference. 

    Its An idea I had to help my local games lounge, though they might not  need it. Yet.

    • They would need heavy funding if they have to wait until all restrictions are lifted.  I can see those restrictions lasting well into Autumn, if not Winter.

  3. You, Penny and the coffee shop are mere collateral damage from your government's irrational urge to 'do something', despite the fact that there's absolutely nothing they can do to interfere with the ultimate progress of the virus.

    You may take some comfort from the fact that you're not alone, as almost all governments have leapt enthusiastically into the same trap, so we're all about to experience those unintended consequences which will rob our lives of so many small pleasures and certainties.

  4. That is the single worse piece of news in this whole crisis. For me, Kingfisher's was always a place apart, a special place.

  5. Sadly it won't just be your coffee shop. We enjoy going to music festivals (civilised folk ones not Glastonbury type stuff!) and had two planned as weekends away this year. Those and all the others are cancelled of course and likely that will be the end of many of the smaller less commercial friendly festivals. Also of the smaller independent venues, clubs and theaters The knock on effect will be that many artists and bands – the up and coming ones – will simply stop. Many small festivals and venues don't have the resources to lose a year and non-mainstream artists can't get a foothold with no exposure to audiences, it's wiping out the independent music scene.

  6. You'll be pleased to know that Sturgeon has repeatedly told those who have holiday homes in the Highlands to bog off and leave the locals alone. Now she's adamant people should stay away from the whole country.

    I'm not sure how many people intended to find safe haven in the bleak,  barren north. What I do know is quite literally hundreds of little cafés and coffee shops in the Highlands, plus dozens of B & B, country hotels and such will never open their doors again.

    Recovery is going to be long and, ultimately,  far more costly both financially and in terms of mental health issues.

    If they make us go through a 2nd lockdown, I'll never see "normal" again.

    • A lot of organisations have now confirmed what we probably already knew, the tin-pot 'governments' of Scotland and Wales, plus the authorities such as the Lake District and South West have made it plain that they don't ever want us there, only our money.

      But if you don't want the visitors, you don't deserve the cash from their wallets and purses.  Now that they've finally signalled it so obviously, we should all ensure that none of our money is ever spent there again.

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