Mislaid — 5 Comments

  1. Well now. After all my years dealing with hospitals, when we [my sister and I] were taking care of both our elderly parents, I can honestly say I've experienced a number of weird goings-on. However, no hospital had ever "lost" either one of my parents. In fact, they seemed to delight in letting us know exactly where they were and, "When are you going to pick them up?".

    Oh dear. So they seem to have lost Herself? Well, let's hope she is found safe and sound. However, if find a taxi pulling up to the manor and the driver pounding on your door asking if you'd help her out of the car…don't be surprised.

    • She has been found again.  Someone shifted her to another ward without telling anyone.  This is perfectly understandable as a whole day of her complaints about food and the like would wear any ward staff.  That makes it three wards she has been thrown out of.

      • I'm glad there was nothing more sinister than incompetence/half-wittedness.

        All the best to thee & thine on this glorious Saturday – such a waste from the point of view a keen landscape & wildlife photographer (how many photos of snoozing cats can you take before it becomes a tad monotonous?)

  2. If you do get pregnant, it was not me. I’ve had the ol’ snip and tie. But I’d be happy to help buy diapers. 


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