Isolation — 3 Comments

  1. Curiosity gave the cat a pink stripe doesn't quite roll off the tongue like curiosity killed the cat now does it? And I'm glad Herself is giving the medicos what-for and and all. I'd expect no less from her. Also, I'm concerned that you're so isolated considering the circumstances but you obviously have the right attitude about it.

    Carry on, my friend. Carry on.

  2. Turn yer beard pink or just do a pink stripe at ninety degrees to the new pipe. Herself is a smoker (if I've been paying attention, 50-50 on that) & smoking is the cause of everything so they'll her shipped back to the manor PDQ as she is too toxic to hang on too for long.

  3. Has Herself no smartphone? You could see each other over WhatsApp oder Skype or something like that? I found that one can get used to it and that it's better than not seeing others at all … at least one can smile and wave 😉

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