Cocooned – Day 25 — 8 Comments

  1. I do wonder, do Cocooning butterflies, also get cirrhosis of the liver and wild hair.
    Or it’s only me….

    • Have you never seen a butterfly on the wing?  Personally I have never seen one fly in a straight line.  Pissed out of their tiny heads.

    • That is a very interesting argument [and well worth reading].  So effectively all the "social distancing" and crashing the economy is all for nothing?   Ouch!

  2. Perhaps you could take a flask of coffee and a folding chair and go to sit outside the Kingfisher? In behind their railings, you would be on private property so AGS could say nothing to you.

    • I would but for one drawback – Penny doesn't quite understand lockdowns and would expect a treat of chicken from the staff.  She'd probably scrape all the paint off the locked door.

  3. Grandad,
    It frequently crosses my mind – as I’m sure it does yours – as to how lucky{?} we were to suffer the attacks on our hearts this time last year rather than this time this year. If you believer the MSM doom and gloom ‘reporting’ regarding full hospitals with staff on overload, if we’d suffered our attacks recently, and assuming they let us into a hospital, we’d probably have been put on a trolley and wheeled down the corridor marked, ‘Elderly – Low Importance.’

    • Indeed.  The only advantage now is that ambulances can drive a lot faster with the almost total lack of traffic.  I would image that chances of catching the virus are a lot higher when you are in the same building with a lot of cases?  I know they segregate patients, but staff still have to move around.

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