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  1. It's the complete absence of spam phone calls that I enjoy.  Plus the birdsong of course.  Still getting the emails though.

    • Now that you mention it, it's quite a while since I have been phoned to tell me my Internet has been compromised.

      I just had a nice offer from some gentleman in Singapore – "I have a Private proposal of 58 Million EUR for your consideration."  I wonder should I reply?!  

  2. I still get the usual email spams but they've all changed to "No touch thermometers".

    On another note, we've experienced the same type of peace and quiet you're experiencing which makes me wonder about something if and when all these restrictions are limited. Will the city types want their pollution back?  I've been seeing a number of articles of late on how decades (or longer) of pollution that have hung over various cities has quickly cleared up. I'm actually impressed by the before and after (lock down) pictures of these places. Oh, and the earth has virtually stopped vibrating due to the less vehicles on the road.

    Peace, quiet and clean air? If this goes on any longer folks won't want to lose it. Then what?

    • The environmentalists must be delighted with the shut down.  They won't be too pleased when it all starts up again.  Likewise the police who seem to be having great fun with their new-found powers.  They'll be reluctant to stop that.

      Maybe the entire planet will decide that we should all live in mud huts in the future?

      • "Maybe the entire planet will decide that we should all live in mud huts in the future?"

        Heh, and maybe I'll wake up tomorrow and find that I'm suddenly 30 again with a complete knowledge on how to build a yurt and the platform to erect it on. Oh, and how to subsist in the wild and take down game with nothing but a bow, quiver full of arrows, and a hunting knife.

      • Given that we now learn of the billions of pieces of PPE used in the healthcare sector, I find the silence from the eco-warriors quite deafening.   This is mostly the evil 'single-use plastic', the stuff that no-one is supposed to use because it's allegedly killing the planet.

        I'd expect any day now to see Saint Greta leading her pubescent acolytes to picket-lines outside all hospitals and care-homes to prevent delivery of this evil material – OK, so a few million grannies will die, that doesn't usually stop them.  Attenborough may pop up sometime soon, voicing-over interminably turgid TV documentaries about how it's wrecking every bit of inedible, and thus irrelevant, sea-life.

        But maybe this time they've sussed that, in politics, timing is everything and this isn't the right time for their unpopular hectoring messages, hence the utter silence.  Every cloud, as they say.

        • This is mostly the evil 'single-use plastic', the stuff that no-one is supposed to use because it's allegedly killing the planet

          I was thinking the same – if the entire planet is now expected to wear face masks (even if only for a few months), the resulting piles of waste will make the plastic shopping  bag debacle seem like a non-event in comparison. But to put a further fly in the ointment, it's now been shown that "Reusable" bags are worse for the environment – both in terms of their plastic content vs number of uses, and they are also very effective carriers of germs & bugs! I saw recently that some places in the US are now banning reusable bags in view of the current Covid situation. 

          Once more, the "Law of Unintended Consequences"…

          • A great Irony. I read that San Francisco, the first major US city to ban single use bags has now reversed the rule and banned reusable ones in favour of the original single use plastic or paper ones.

  3. Yeah, the only positive about this whole thing for me is less traffic on my way to work. I’m an impatient summabitch. But, there’s been more and more lately. I think people are getting fed up. 

  4. Posted byJason Hommel 6th April 2020

    My Summary of the COVID19 Hoax.

    It is important to investigate the supposed reasons for locking down well people and ruining the economy.
    There supposedly are “asymptomatic carriers” and the disease is “quite deadly”.
    Neither of these suppositions can be proven, and both can be disproven.

    Let’s start with “Asymptomatic carriers”. This is not a “truth”; these are just words. Are they true? These are supposedly well people, who supposedly are infected and thus, “test positive”. There are also “false positives”, who are well people who are supposedly not infected, who “test positive”. See, there is no distinction, and no way to tell which is which, because both are well people who test positive. There is no second test to take to distinguish between “well”, “positive”, infected vs “well”, “positive”, not infected.
    The test is greatly flawed and makes plenty of insane assumptions, as follows.

    The test does not actually test for COVID19 at all. It only tests for three other coronaviruses, which are responsible for the common cold.
    The test does not actually test for coronaviruses in you. It attempts to use your spit, and then grows them in a “reagent” and multiplies them by 2, from 20 times, to 40 times. Note, 2 to the 40th power is a growth of 1 trillion times. It is not said what the reagent is. But we all know and have been told that viruses are dormant, and might not even be alive at all, and need to invade a human host cell to grow. So the growth mediums in the test kits are likely what is commonly used as growth mediums, which is, shockingly, human fetal immortal cancer cell lines. A human cell can be 1 million times larger than a virus. There is no way to prevent pre contamination of viruses already existing in cells. Cells are not sterile. And 10% of the human genome is viral DNA. So they are not even testing for COVID19 in you, they are really testing to see what kind of viruses will grow up to 1 trillion times more, from a human fetal immortal cancer cell line that has been given some of your spit. It’s totally frankinstein insanity, and not scientific in any way.

    As an aside, some people have said, and I tend to agree with them, that a virus cannot invade a cell at all. A virus is dead. I tend to agree. The human body produces viruses out of its own DNA for its own reason at its own time, to try to detox poisons. A virus is like a chelator, which wraps around a toxic metal. This is why people do not produce viruses from a vaccine unless it also contains a toxic metal like aluminum and plenty of other toxins called adjuvants. Chelators are antiviral, not because they kill a non living virus, but because a body that can detox well has no need to manufacture capsules like viruses to help mop up and absorb toxins. In one video going around a man likens viruses to soaps. I found it hard to confirm that. Sounds similar to what I believe though. Chelators are cleansing agents. Vitamin C is a chelator, as is chlorophyll, the green color in vegetables. Coffee is also a chelator, as is distilled water. A simple google search for “chelator virus” shows many scientific articles that say that chelators are antiviral. That is real science that is being hidden. That alone proves this is all a hoax, and that the media and government are lying to you and do not care one bit about your health, otherwise, they would advertise the science that chelators are antiviral.
    Back to the test kits.

    The CDC and FDA admit the test kits suffer from false positives, but they do not say what the rate of false positives are.
    They also say that the test kits are not to be used for diagnostic purposes. How then can the media report “confirmed cases”? They can’t. There is no scientific way to confirm cases, those are just words that have no legal backing at all.
    It could be that there is no new viral spread at all, but rather, test kits that are testing for what has always been there all along, again, the test kits don’t test for COVID19 whatsoever, but 3 other coronaviruses.

    The only way to really know if a virus is new, and spreading, would be to have a real test kit that has actually been tested to work. Then, to test 100,000 healthy people, who all test negative. Then, let time pass. Then, use the identical test kit to test them again, to see if any of them test positive. This, nor any other kind of test, has never validated any of the test kits, or the virus.
    The test kits are assumed to be the “gold standard” to evaluate other tests. In other words, the validity of the test kits cannot be questioned, but is assumed via circular reasoning, which is illogical, unscientific, and fraud.

    The test kits are so flawed, that a person is tested from 10-15 times. Then, a percentage of those tests are positive and some are negative. And then a judgement call is made. Some people who test as little as 4/5 tests being negative, is counted as a positive.
    Other scientists have said the tests give “impossible” results. They appear to be less reliable than coin flips. Or less reliable than trying to diagnose a disease by looking at a person’s shadow. At least a shadow is based on an outline of a person in the sun.

    Nobody could answer my question, not at a hospital, not at the department of health, “What is the difference between an asymptomatic carrier and a false positive?” If they could say, they would say that the Asymptomatic carrier actually has it. When pressed how they would know that, and distinguish between the two, other than the test kit, which was already used, they drew a blank, and had no idea how to answer the question. Nobody at a hospital knew. Nobody at the public health department could say. The CDC does not say. The FDA does not say.
    This is the achilles heel, the weak spot in the whole thing. If this was a real outbreak, there would not be any problem to this question. Everyone around the world would instantly know the answer. There can be no answer. Thus, it’s all a fraud and a hoax.

    There are always “new” test kits. This does not validate the scare of “China” which did not use test kits at all, or Italy, who had old people dying at normal rates from normal things. There can always be new test kits because there are up to 40 or more different human fetal immortal cancer cell lines. This in no way fixes any of the fundamental flaws of the horrible non-science or fixes any of the false positives.
    We are in essence, locking people down because of a faulty test kit, a fraudulent kit and a fraudulent idea that a test kit is saying people are “asymptomatic carriers” when they are really just false positives. A person is not sick if they are not sick; that’s by definition. That’s the standard. We suddenly have a new class of sick: well people. No, the test kit is sick, and our entire society is sick to believe these stupidly bad lies.
    The test kits are limited. Of course. Human fetal cell lines can’t just be pumped out of the ground like oil, they are cultures that have to be grown. Because the test kits are limited, they are often not given to the general population of well people. This creates another problem: over estimation of death rates.

    If they only give test kits to the sick, then of course the “death rate” will be a high rate. If you only test 80 year olds with pneumonia who enter the hospitals, you get a 30% death rate. Sounds scary. But that’s the normal death rate for that group. It appears that only a small portion of that group, about 10%, are testing positive, because COVID19 deaths are still so low. The death rate is also shown to be fraudulent by the Italian ministers of health, who announced that 99% of people “with” COVID19 (again, there is no reliable test for that anyway) all had 1, 2, or 3 other co morbid conditions, half of them had 3 other co morbid conditions. This implies people are not dying from COVID19 at all.
    As the truth leaks out, we see more and more desperate attempts by the medical establishment to reclassify all kinds of dying people as COVID19. For proof, we only need to look at the CDC directives given to the states, who are told to assume it’s a COVID19 death on the death certificate.
    There has, thus far, not been presented any evidence whatsoever to prove that COVID19 is new, rather than “newly discovered”. I doubt even that it’s newly discovered, because the test kits do not discover COVID19 at all; they test for three other common coronaviruses. So, it’s all a hoax from top to bottom whenever you examine anything at all in the slightest detail.

    The most common objections I get are along the lines of “what about these other media lies” and “what about these dead people”. Well, the media always lie. And people always die. What’s new? Just these new lies, that’s what’s new.
    It appears also that the master liars have greatly miscalculated in their attempts to manipulate the people. Stupid people who buy into all these lies are scared away from visiting the hospitals, because they don’t want to catch a supposedly deadly disease from all the other people supposedly there. Smart people have no need to visit hospitals who have nothing to offer except poison. Fairly obedient sensible people simply obey the stay at home orders and don’t visit hospitals either. And the odd random person who sees the hospitals closed, simply walks away. So the hospitals are freakishly empty. And many people are noting that.

    I hope there is enough information in this post, presented quickly enough to inspire you to investigate further. Everything said here, I’ve already sourced in my prior articles at This is my summary of it all. I hereby source myself as the truthful expert on everything written above.

    • Wow, checked your blog – helpful.

      One thing I have no problems with is avoiding hospitals and health professionals. The later because 10 to 15% are infected.

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