That virus is getting up my nose — 6 Comments

  1. Glad you got seen as I was worried a bit. And I'll look forward to knowing how The Fifth Fleet [including battle-cruisers] works out. I also hope I never get a Septal Something-or-other-else-atoma–ever!

    • I am now drowning in antibiotics which I have added to my morning feed.  No need for breakfast with the amount of pills I have to take.

    • People still have other medical problems [such as sore noses] so I would imagine he's okay.  The only differences are that he now works an appointment only system and that he put on a mask when close to me.

  2. Stop the fighting in da pub, granddad. Surely sore nosachags only come from late-night frolics after the imbibing of large amounts of poteen. Bad grandad, think of the little brats which look forward to emulating your staunchness. etc.  Flaxen Saxon. 

    • The pubs around here are pretty quiet establishments [when they're open].  I don't know where Doc thought I had been visiting.

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