Cocooned Day 13 — 16 Comments

  1. I could loan you some of my technical manuals. They’ll put you to sleep in no time flat!  By the end of this nonsense you’ll be a master John Deere technician. 

  2. There's always the PDF I sent you. 

    According to the loons a giant humungous hole has opened up in the infamous ozone layer over the arctic circle. Not sure how big it is in relation to the circle itself but with an asteroid and a comet on their way we might be in for the second coming this Sunday at 12 noon GMT.
    Bet the Gardai stop the little fucker and do him for travelling over 2km from home.

    On that subject could one travel any number of kilometres within a 2 kilometre circle and just how the flying fuck would the Gardai gods know how far anyne has travelled?

    Does the virus that isn't get a bit car sick once it's gone over 2km in a car?

    Does washing the car kill the fucker?

    Are the Garda in hamt suits and does anyone check they re washing their hands in the prescribed manner

    We need to know these things. They could save lives, save them for what I have no idea but neverytheless the cause is worth the price. 


    • I thought that ozone lark was dead and buried?  As if there wasn't enough doom and gloom around… [*sigh*]

      That travel thing is a farce.  It's just a glorious chance for Jobsworths to have a go.  Stick a uniform on some idiot and this is what you get –

      [H/T Darryl!]

  3. Apparently God was caught walking round the beauty spots of Yorkshire the other day.

    "What do you think you're doing?" asked the officious Plod.

    "I'm working from home" came the reply.

  4. You could always look at 'Kindle Unlimited' on Amazon: you can put a Kindle app on both your PC and your phone and they stay synched: I know it's not the same as a physical book, but it does save you from being reduced to reading cereal packets, instruction manuals, and sales brochures.

    • That would mean reading off either a laptop or my phone in bed, neither of which appeals.  I may resort to reading all the side effects of all my various medications.  There should be quite a bunch of reading there?

      • Why don't you buy yourself a Kindle device from Amazon it's small enough to take to bed?


        • I just have an aversion to the device as a form of reading.  I love the feel of a book and it seems like sacrilege to condemn the written word to a lump of electronics.

  5. I don’t know why I can post comments but cannot get my phone to let me reply directly. Anyway, Massey Ferguson it is then, eh? I’m not a brand loyalist. I like anything that is broken, but I got in fast with a Deere dealer through my school program. Broken machines are puzzles and I love puzzles. 

    • That's a weird one.  I must investigate that.

      Yes – I get great pleasure in dismantling things.  Am currently working on a short case clock that has a problem with its ratchet system.

  6. Try the Aubrey/Maturin novels of Patrick O'Brian. They'll keep you going for a bit although you'll get stuck in 1812.

    • I was never really one for historical novels.  I found Ken Follett by reading his Century Trilogy which led on to my current reading.  Having broken the mould [as it were] I must try Patrick O'Brian.  Thanks for the suggestion.

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