Cocooned Day 12 — 10 Comments

  1. I think the possibility of taking a laissez-faire approach, as Trevelyan did at the time of the famine, would be attractive to certain groups of people.

  2. As far as I can make out, it's up to the immune system, end of.  As far as I know;-[not very far;- especially from here})!

    • That is an excellent summary and somewhat detailed.  I haven't read the whole thing but it all makes sense.  It's also a bit depressing!

  3. There's a new theory around (but not peer-reviewed and without sources known).

    This suggests treatment for serious cases should avoid ventilators and rely on anti-malarial drugs such as hydroxychloroquine:

    If correct, this whole thing could be snuffed out quickly.

    • There are several treatments proposed but they all have the same problem – they are readily available.  Much better to wait until some Pharma produces something they can charge a fortune for?

  4. Of course they've considered it, however most deaths involve family and most people mean something to others – and they vote.

    Next is old people make a ton of money for big pharma. The final 2 to 5 years invariably mean life extending drugs, pain management and things from colostomy bags, adult diapers. Then there's the kit, like wheelchairs and special beds.

    But let's not forget those "assisted living" places that employ large numbers of people. On the other hand there's the cruise line industry that caters almost exclusively to the bucket list types, plus golf courses.

    And they still pay VAT,  same as everyone, and they pay investment managers to look after their savings.  And most pay pretty hefty income tax.

    Plus they baby sit and they volunteer.

    I'd argue they're far more valuable to society than many of the benefit scroungers we're carrying. 

    Plus doctors don't want them dying. Sometimes they do care but most often they don't want to screw up their reputation or promotion prospects.


    • On the other hand, the main problems raised at the last election were homelessness and the state of the health service.  Think of all those homes released onto the market as the owners snuff it, and the health service wouldn't have to clutter up the hospitals with decrepit old wrecks?  Two massive problems solved at once.  That should please the electorate?

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