Cocooned Day 11 — 17 Comments

  1. " Or do we leave a little jet-trail of virus as we walk? "

    It could be. That's exactly the reason why 2 meters are safer than the usual distance we have while talking to each other. After 1.5 to 2 m the virus has sunk to the ground (or anything in between your nose / mouth and the ground).

    " There is no point in washing them repeatedly in the house unless one of your rooms is a virus hotspot and the rest are clear. If it’s in the house then you have it, and no amount of hand washing will change that. "

    It might still help to protect the other persons in the house.

    "If they are caught on arrival they are told to go home again. Insane. Holiday homes tend to be on the side of isolation so it’s the perfect spot for “distancing”. "

    It might be perfect for distancing – but it might also lead to health services not being able to cope because in these areas they are few and far between and tend to have enough on their hands with those who live there permanently. I know of one blogger in Cornwall who is asking people to please not come to Cornwall as there is only one big hospital there that will have enough to cope with without second home owners going there in droves.

    Sorry for disagreeing so much 😉

    • Sorry for disagreeing so much – No problem!

      The question of passing the virus to another in the house doesn't arise here.  If one of us gets it then the other will too.  The job of caring requires an awful lot of close intimate contact so transfer would be inevitable.  I would imagine that in a normal household the contact may not be so constant but transfer would be almost impossible to prevent.

      As for the holiday home mob, I can't see much danger there.  Holiday homes by their nature tend to be isolated and even in [for example] caravan parks I can't see any danger there.  Most caravan parks will be deserted anyway. 

  2. Great Claudia. I love reading this blog, I always think   it is with a sense of humour that the author scribes. Hopefully one day most of us will realise that it is just that, humor)

  3. Out for my statutory exercise walk along the canal towpath this sunny afternoon, I started to wonder whether I was ringing a bell and had a sign marked 'Leper' on my chest, as most folk approaching from the other direction seemed to take most extreme steps to achieve the maximum possible distance between us as we passed, despite the warmth of my amiable smile and the cheery nod of anonymous greeting.

    After a while, it became a bit of a game, holding my station in the middle of the towpath, seeing just how close to a damn-good soaking they would go, just to avoid my apparently festering aura – some went teasingly close to needing a towel.  If you start by drifting towards the land-side of the towpath, then from 50yds away, they will commit to the water-side – that's the point when you then seize the middle-ground of the towpath, forcing them to drift even further waterwards.  It brightened my lockdown day, I'll probably go again tomorrow.

    At least the ducks seemed grateful to see me, or maybe that was more about the bag of food I was distributing freely . . . .

    • I must try that.  After all, people expect us oldies to wander about a bit when walking. Unfortunately we don't have any canals around here but it might work down at the river.

    • The sooner everyone catches this bug and gets over it the better.  It's only a matter of time.

  4. I thought I was coping with my self isolation but realised I was beginning to lose it when I watched an episode of "Loose Women" on UK daytime tv and began having erotic thoughts about Janet Street Porter, one of the presenters.  If you have never heard of the lady, a quick Google will make you understand my feelings of panic.

    • Watching daytime television is one of the first great symptoms of approaching insanity.  I imagine that erotic thoughts about Janet S P would be a close second?

    • I would recommend immediate medication of several pints, or a few drams of your favoured spirit in that case.

  5. My suggestion would be to release us plebs, and impose a severe lockdown/isolation on gubmints, officials and plod above Superintendent rank.


    Couldn't be any worse, could it?

    • But then all those Millennials would have no one to tell them how to live their lives.  There would be chaos.  Bring it on!

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