Cocooned Day 7 — 8 Comments

  1. What risk?  Love from a grandaughter is worth so much more than the disapproval of a few jobsworth's it should be installed in legislation now. Well done.

  2. It's getting ridiculous here in Vermont. Our Governor has lost his marbles completely and has started acting as if the entire state was New York City when we've had a whole 17 people die from this covid-19 thing and almost all those were cooped up in nursing homes. His latest lunacy was to tell all "big box" stores to close down all aisles that have non-essential items which means just about everything except groceries, pharmacy, and hardware. Can't even buy a pen.

    The real kicker is people are buying into all this crap. The next thing that's bound to happen is another executive order that everyone has to wear a mask. Kind of hard to do when none are available.

    (sigh) Insanity reigns.

    • Rumours from the UK that the sale of Easter eggs is to be banned.  I also read somewhere that compulsory face masks are mooted somewhere.  I don't think it was Ireland but I'd ignore it anyway.

    • Bill Gates cant wait to get his vaccination into everyone so they can be traced and as soon as you reach 50 you will be terminated.  Look up Utube Cornavirus  Event 201 Bill Gates. In China to go into any shop you have to show an app on your phone that you are clear of the virus your very own Star of David.




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