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  1. I do wish they'd say it out loud. House arrest.

    Now, far be it from me to suggest you download a copy of an Irish Birth Certificate, then fill it in with details showing you to be born two years later than actual. Then make a photocopy, which you can carry with you in a plastic pouch, so it gets well knackered after a couple of removals.

    Literally dozens of blanks on the web for you to download.

    But that was just me thinking out loud.

    • It is house arrest in all but name.  They only have the power to order me to go home, but can arrest me if I refuse.  But then when I drive off, how do they know where I'm going?  😈

  2. I wonder, how bad does it become in the long run for the powers that be? You have millions of kids now unchained from their kinderprisons. Not much can be said for the older student who has been thoroughly programmed (unless idle time and idle minds become receptive to ideas outside of the hallowed walls of “higher edjumukashin”) While this BS persists, I wonder if there will be blowback in the long run. I wonder how the “bugmen” of society are coping. Without their lines to wait in for the latest gadget to validate their shallow existence, they must be going mad!  “My super phone XYZ is outdated after I bought it a month ago! Life sucks!”  Perhaps a book titled “The Loss of  Inane Crap And The Introduction to Self Reliance” is called for. I do wish you success in ducking the cops. I pride myself on that ability. 

    • Current times are a boon for kids and their smartphones.  It's the perfect excuse to spend all day on the things.  The Interweb must be groaning under the weight of endless selfies!

  3. Same police-state crap going on my side of the planet GD. A dangerous precedent is being set for the future. The authorities will think they can lock us down anytime they want. Those under house arrest here can ring up and get a government issue box of essentials delivered. Cost $80, and there didn't seem to be a whole lot in the ones I saw on TV. Pasta, rice and some canned muck. No tobacco products, which makes a joke of them calling it a box of essentials. They do contain toilet paper though. We're all North Koreans now.


    • I find it hard to believe that life will return to precisely the old state.  A small example is our gubmint – using the crisis as an excuse to form a coalition despite being hammered in our recent election.  And all those lovely new laws that give them such control over the population.  There's a twat in the news today saying that the gubmint should be able to track smartphones without any explicit permission.  

  4. They're all ordering leather trenchcoats and practising snapping "Ihre Papieren bitte" in the right tone

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