Giving Windows the boot — 4 Comments

  1. Yup, I agree. F**k HP. Otherwise (and you know this of course) whatever distro you're installing is maybe installing grub into the wrong partition since Windows 10 requires at least a dozen 4 partitions to install, all of which require different disk names (sda, sda1, 2, 3, sdb, sdc, whatever). I find I have to pay very close attention which "partition" I install grub into during installation.

    Okay, you know this already.

    But F9 to get a proper boot menu? Must be an HP thing.

    Wipe Windows, repartition and install Linux. End of problems?

    • Cracked it!!!

      I'm not quite sure what I did, but essentially I tried a few EFI editors.  Some of them only showed a Windows file but one did show the lot.  I tried changing the order of files [didn't work] and in the end I just deleted the Windows one.  The system then had to default to Ubuntu which of course also contained Windows.  I have since installed a second version of Mint [for Herself] and all worked perfectly.

      Then of course I had to head off to find the Linux drivers for a HP Notebook and then restore all her files.  She's delighted as all her bookmarks, pictures, mails and the like are just as she left them.

      On the notebook F10 is the main options menu including boot defaults [but it refused to accept Linux as a default and also refuses to see USB drives].  F9 just lists the boot options including, thankfully a USB if inserted. 

      Off now for a large whiskey.  I deserve it.

      • Well done! Funny though. Every laptop/notebook I've ever worked on, F12 was the one that invoked the boot options. Come to think on it I've haven't had an HP laptop/notebook to try it on it.

        • If HP made cars they'd have the brake pedal on the right, the handbrake on the passenger side and the steering wheel in the back seat.

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