I have seen the future — 5 Comments

    • Yeah.  Right.

      I saw that article – a good one.  Even funnier, I saw an article [somewhere] that had to point out it was a spoof as some people had taken it seriously!

  1. 'I just hope the insane cunt doesn’t get elected.'

    Oh he will. The more insane the cunt the more likely they are to be elected. It's probably long past time when the Greta was elected overlord of the world.

    We (that's you and I and countless others) are living in the age of stupid.

    We (that's you and I and countless others) are lucky as we're coming to the end of our sojurn on this ball of rock but the next fifty years are going to bring a world of hurt to the Western nations.

    I'd laugh, if I knew nothing of the struggle and sacrifice to get us to this point.

    I'd suggest copious amounts of alcohol or big drugs, whatever floats yer boat. The next 50 years are not going to be pretty.

    I plan to go out happy (and out of it).


    • Welcome Griblet!

      It looks like the cunt is back in power, but if he was hoping for a landslide for the Greens [on the tail of Gretty Thunderbird (Blessed be her name)] then he's going to be disappointed.  Apparently the Irish electorate doesn't believe the world will end in five years and there are more important things to worry about.  There's hope yet.

      Copious quantities of alcohol and Class As are indeed the only way to go.

  2. Well we simply elected a different insane cunt whoo has promised to get rid of all our cars in 15 years and is going to raid our pensions again like Gordo did.

    They are all as bad as each other and I for one am waiting for a revolution.   I have my spork sharpened already.

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