Airing diversity — 6 Comments

  1. Several times recently I have had to phone for help, and found the sweet tempered lady/lad most helpful.  But could barely understand a word they said.  Although from asking them to repeat their questions several times, it was still difficult to understand their answers.  Could not "service centres" please check whether their staff actually speak English before employing them?

    Note that many TV stations now put text under their interviews – great idea.

    How's cat and Penny?

    • The subtitles are actually very handy.  I have seen them in a few programmes.

      Cat and Penny are both fine.  Cat's asleep somewhere and Penny is grinning at me from the couch.

  2. Couldn't they just have asked for someone duskier, or disabled, or LBGTQWERTYed.

    Top trumps in diversity stakes.


    • I couldn't give a shit if they chose a transsexed Nigerian paraplegic just so long as they speak clearly so I can understand them.

  3. On our side of the little bit of water, the fluffy SJWs only concern themselves with ticking the right diversity boxes: capability or efficiency doesn't even come into it.

    • It was actually the Union itself that complained at their representative being rejected.  The SJWs never got a chance.  

      Mind you, RTE frequently interview the Healy Raes [a political clan from Kerry].  It's damned difficult understanding them their Kerry accents are so thick. 

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