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  1. Sorry to hear about Cat. As a (multiple) cat owner I know what this is like. One thing I'm wondering is–how old is Cat?

    I also have a minor question as well. I take it "kitchen paper" is what we here in the states call "paper towels"?

    Sending lots of good thoughts to Cat. Can't do anything about the vet bill though, sorry.

    • We think Cat is four [or so].  Years of misery ahead yet.

      Yes, kitchen paper = paper towels.  Ideal for blowing the nose, mopping spills and soaking up blood [but not necessarily all at once].

  2. So sorry to hear about the cat.  Hope she (it?) survives.  Know all about ludicrous vets bills, as we have had cats for most of our 52 years' marriage.  They want £350 to extract a tooth – more than my own dentist charges.

    Good luck with cat.  How's dog taking it?

    • Penny is thoroughly enjoying the experience.  She was especially amused at my attempts with the inhaler.  

  3. My son and daughter in law have an asthmatic cat and after expensive veterinary nonsensical  advice they decided to treat it with a ventolin inhaler administered through the cardboard tube from a bogroll, works perfectly , a commercial animal  product costs ninety pounds

    • That would be funny if it wasn't so very close to events here.  I have given up on the inhaler – the benefit to the cat is outweighed by the damage to myself.

  4. I notice here a distinct air of sympathy for the cat.  What about me?  What about some sympathies for my lacerated hands and my sorely depleted pension nest egg?  You lot have no heart.

    Update: My bank account remains depleted.  The bleeding has stopped and healing has slowly started.  Oh, and the cat is a fucking picture of health [apart from shaved patches in his fur].

    • Glad to hear Cat is alright. And sorry, as a cat owner you get no sympathy. Laurie and I have come close to bankruptcy more than once due to the cats we keep insisting on owning and we have the scars to prove it.

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