Retrospection and Introspection — 10 Comments

  1. A very happy New Year to you and yours Sir.

    My day would not be complete without a visit to your blog.

    If you ever decide to stop posting please give us ten years notice.

    • Ten years notice?  The notion that I might be posting in ten years time scares the shit out of me…..

  2. Now into my second driver licence renewal, it's not such a big problem.  All you need to do is that you have good eyesight (with glasses), and do not have a wide range of other afflictions.  Of course, you must certify yourself as being safe to drive.  What could go wrong?

  3. I hope it's not the same in England:- my driving licence expires when I'm 70 in a year and a bit, so I suppose the old paper one (issued in 1978), will have to become a ghastly photo one.  I was hoping for a 10-year one.

    • I have no idea what the system is like in the UK, but here I had to renew my licence every ten years.  Then on my 70th, whether my old licence has expired or not I have to apply for a three year one with additional paperwork.  It's the additional paperwork is the problem as it means I have to apply in person which means a day wasted sitting in a queue waiting for my number to come up.

  4. I too have to renew my driver's license this coming year. Usually this is a routine thing where the most annoying part of is waiting for my number to come up. This coming year it's different. I have to submit a couple dozen documents that prove I'm actually me…or maybe it's only 5 or 6? Ah, I can't remember. My wife already went through this last year so she can help me through mine this year. It's very fortunate that she still retains all her mental facilities where mine have noticeably waned.

    Oh, and before I forget, Happy New Year to you and yours, my friend.

    • Hah!  See my reply above.  There are two offices where I can attend in person.  One is relatively close but it's in Dublin and therefore bound to be crowded.  The other is a pleasant hour's drive down the coast and is less likely to be packed but it would probably take longer overall.  I haven't decided yet which one to choose.

      And a Happy New Year to you two too [and the cats].

  5. Your life is never "ditto!" There is an infinite variety of nuance and colour which you probably never appreciate.

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