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  1. Back in my working days I always valued the Christmas/New year closedown. It was the only holiday of the year when I was away and could forget work because nobody was left behind at work to create a massive pile of work awaiting my return. Even more importantly nobody could 'fix things' in my absence so that on my return I had to undo their efforts and fix it properly.

    • Sadly, RTE doesn't close down for Christmas so there was always a scramble for leave [usually starting mid-summer]  Those of us who were on the Permanent Payroll [as distinct from Casual or Contract] also had a Privilege Day – one of two a year, the other at Easter – which was a tradition dating back to the days when the culchies country folk were given extra time to travel home. That used to piss off a lot of the staff!

    • Back in my corporate working days, I valued Christmas/New Year the other way – I always went into work, as it was an annual opportunity to tackle a lot of those background 'housekeeping' jobs which were difficult/impossible to do when constantly interrupted by real-time crises.   Also a good time for covertly rifling through unoccupied offices and desks to discover what was really going on . . . . . .

  2. These days I really don't mind the week between Winter Solstice Celebration Christmas and New Years' since it means the stores where we buy our groceries are pretty much empty of customers. The 2 weeks before Christmas however, is horrid when it comes to getting our weekly victuals. It's the 3 months after New Years' day that I dread. Nothing but ice, snow and frigid temperatures.

    I call it, The Long Haul.

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