The Pipe Man — 4 Comments

  1. Excellent! The first installment. Only 200 homes per tower? Sounds like regulations designed to put cable out of business before it even got started.

    As far as the Stoppers are concerned, we call them NIMBYs (Not In MY Back Yard) in my neck of the woods. For example, they would protest loudly when a new cell tower was going to be built within sight of their homes–even when it was disguised as a rather weird looking tree (spoils their view they say). This would also give them the cell coverage that they didn't previously have.

    These were the same idiots that previously complained loudly that there was no cell coverage in their area.

    Can't win for trying.

    • Reading back on the above I realised my error.  In fact it was 500 homes per mast, not 200.  It was still a crazy limit and I have no idea as to its purpose.

      I'm surprised at the ease with which they got planning permission for the towers.  They did look impressive though – 150 feet of galvanised lattice topped off with four massive parabolic dishes and a collection of smaer aerials.  Ther was no way they coud be disguised at trees!

  2. I lived in Cork in the seventies, two-channel land as it were but I did visit Dublin occasionally. On one such visit I do recall mention of this fampus 'pipe'. I was talking to guy in a bar and I happened to mention that I had four sisters. He considered this for a while then asked, "Do any of them take pipe?"

    I suppose if I had known what he was talking about at the time I could have informed him that we could only get RTE in Cork!!!

    • But you did get The Pipe eventually.  I happen to have [*cough*] first hand knowledge of the cabling of Cork City!

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