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  1. I recently read a study that demonstrated that exercise is good for you, but manual labour shortens your life. The conclusion drawn was that manual labour is therefore, not exercise.

  2. I just do my best to exercise my brain. But considering what's left of my brain about 5 minutes worth of hard thinking does it. Anything outside of that is a waste of time and effort.

  3. It's been a while since I've caught up with you, because I've been through a similar affair recently. I posted about it on FB and tagged you, but I don't know if you saw it, so here's the link…

    I get it on the exercise, I'm not crazy about it either. I too wait for the next bus, even if I'm going to be late for work. Thing is, if I've taken off running for any reason in the past few years, I tend to face-plant right there on the street. No more running.

    I have appointments coming up in cardiology, and they'll surely be wanting to get me into all these things their Irish equivalents there across the pond are doing with you. Ugh. I like my chair with laptop and glass of wine. But I guess if either of us hope to stick around longer and remain a carer to our other half (I think you know I serve in that same role to coffeesister, right?), well then, we should probably take better care of our cranky old bodies.

    But yeah, it's not easy 😛


    • I tend to ignore Farcebook so I'm afraid I missed that post.  Nasty!  I'm glad you are both okay and you are to give Coffeesister a hug [and Happy Birthday] from me.  I'd send you a hug too but we both know that's a bit awkward – make it a hug with a couple of those back-slaps which seem to make hugs more manly.

      I have made one major change to my lifestyle which I'm sure will prevent any more "events" – I use less salt.  Doc reckons it was the stress that possibly caused mine too but the only way to find out is to re-stress me.  I'm not up for that though.  Maybe the dog will get a few extra walks?

      Look after yourselves!

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