The hat shop — 8 Comments

  1. Doing a bit of shooting?

    The brim up fastener hat is used when using a rifle.

    I have always liked the full brimmed hat. Keeps sun off neck and ensures that rain drops on the shoulders and not down the neck.

    The baseball hat is just stupid, very especially on police.

    • Wide brimmed hats are also useful for using up all those wine corks in the kitchen drawers?

      The only thing worse than baseball caps is baseball caps worn backwards.  I could never understand that one.

  2. Back to front baseball caps.

    Did one of those kill off William Hague's political progress?

    If so not a totally bad thing.

      • I know UK politics can seem a tad confusing, but do try to keep up – Hague was succeeded by Michael Howard ("Something of the night about him", according to Ann Widdicombe, probably the only time she was ever right).   Howard then fell on his sword after the 2005 election drubbing, to be succeeded by Cameron, the rest is history in the making . . . .

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