Hurricane Lorenzo — 18 Comments

  1. Thoughts and prayers at this time of peril, for your loved one (i.e. the pooch).  Please support cat in it's heroic struggle to not give a toss about anything happening around it…

    • I will pass on your wishes to Cat, who is fast asleep in her basket and refusing even to get up for food, which shows the severity of the weather.

      • It's like my three on November 5th.  A lot of families with kids around me, so the place is like the Blitz with baked potatoes.  One of 'em almost woke up one year…

  2. Watch out for heavy leaves dropping on your head.

    Conkers are an especial hazard, particularly when squirrels rake through your hair to retrieve them while you are concussed from conker impact.

    There will also be an increased risk of heavy sarcasm in all areas forecast to be badly affected.

    • It's strange, but not that many leaves came down.  Normally I would expect a decent storm to strip the trees bare, but they are all in full leaf.

  3. Reminds one of the day when a monstrous tornado struck Bradford – it caused £10m of improvements.

  4. The canvas cover on our back garden barbecue actually blew off last night, tossing both bricks that held it down, onto the grass. There was wet water all over the patio and at least two dead spiders on the kitchen window, webs akimbo. 

    Happily, the worst of it blew over in four minutes and the drying was great. Nice moderate fresh winds early this morning with an orange sunrise to blind us. 

    We have survived the worst and we will re-build.

    • I am very sorry to hear about the spiders.  My sympathies go out to you and yours.  Dreadful news.

  5. I do think think the problem of windy wind and wet rain is much understated.Greta is perturbed.

  6. It's global Warming in action, people! Time to build storm shelters and stock up on non-perishables, fill bottles with drinking water, and buy guns to defend yourselves from starving government workers.

    Hope you survived the holocaust.

  7. Well you were wrong. Seems it 'stalled' off the Irish Atlantic coast. Here on the other side of the Irish Sea we got a bit wet.

    You need to give that forecasting talent you have a bit of a kick.

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