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  1. Of course you were suppose to use the manual. Tear a page out of it and use that page to wipe the mist of off the windscreen. 

    • It's fine grained paper so it would just shift the water around which would make things worse.

  2. I guess opening the two front windows a few inches to let in some cool fresh air and let out some of the heat and un-steam the inside a bit (trust me, not much rain gets in if you're moving) wasn't an option? That’s what us un-technical girlies would have done! 😉

    • Logical except for one point – for some reason that baffles me, the window controls are down there with the heating controls.

  3. I read the title RTFM and smiled knowing what it stands for.  Then I thought what's he on about now?  I laughed and laughed as I read the post knowing where this was going and the fact that I am driving a new to me car with more buttons and switches than I know what to do with.  I have complete empathy with you to the point that I got my manual out of the car and am now … RTFM'ing.

    • I have just been RTFM and it scared me a little.  The heating controls all but need a degree in engineering to understand and there is a series of switches and rockers to control the front and rear side windows.  Then there is the Cruise Control and the Speed Limiter thrown in down there just to confuse things.  As for the radio – that has its own manual!  Enough said….

    • No I'm fucking not!  My problem is that I gave a commitment at the start that I wouldn't give up, so I'm stuck now with my own principles.

  4. Yup, it's time to RTFM alright, especially at this time of year. The best way about this is to pull the car into the driveway (if you have a garage that is), stay in the car and RTFM while fiddling with all the knobs and switches. At the very least you'll have fun putting things back the way they were after messing with them while giving your neighbors a chuckle while they watch the wipers going on and off and the windows going up and down.

    To wit:

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