The end of days — 9 Comments

  1. Greetin’ Thunderbird.

    Or Thunderthighs.

    But then I am thinking of that other Norse goddess with aspergers, Saga Noren.

    My illusions of Nordic pulchritude smashed by the Greetin’ one.

  2. Just another reason why I'm truly appreciating being the age I am. Hopefully I won't live long enough to see some humongous asteroid slam into us reducing the earth into little cosmic particles–including us. I'm just bringing that up since I didn't  see it on the list.

  3. So the result is to increase all our taxes – isn't that one of the main points? It's much easier to tax energy use than try and catch peoples' incomes, especially if the people are brainwashed to demand increased energy taxes. Plus the useful bonus of providing governments with excuses to reduce our freedoms.

  4. I've said it  before and I shall say it again , the Green lobby are just recycled CND activists looking for a (eco friendly ) home , as they lost the argument on that particular bandwagon. All this green bollocks  is just another way of taxing us into submission. Why can't they sod off and leave us alone? 

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