Exploding cats — 11 Comments

  1. Years ago a co-worker's father was being bothered whilst working on the family farm by his wife's Siamese cat.  He was attempting to gas up the tractor and the cat would not let him be, so he squirted some diesel at the cat who immediately began to run furiously in large circles and then finally dropped to the ground.  The wife, having seen the odd behavior of her beloved cat came onto the porch and asked what's wrong with my cat?  The father never missed a beat in his reply: "Looks like she ran out of gas."

  2. Herself will have to get an oxygen bottle from your health service. Then inject both gases together into the feline firework. 

    Then it might explode.

    If it is a particularly flatulent puss you could forego the butane.

    Lighter gas, butane?, alone will not do the trick. It will just burn slowly until enough air has seeped into the cat colon – then a small bang.

    As with all fuel containers, a cat will be most dangerous when nearly empty.

    But then, you, a man of science, already knew this.


    • "It will just burn slowly until enough air has seeped into the cat colon – then a small bang."  That in itself would be interesting.  It wouldn't be as messy either.  One must be practical when messing with exploding cats?

  3. Sounds like our household…x4. And since they're all indoor cats they have to resort to using the doors on the inside of the house and they're always on the wrong side of any door they encounter. Especially the bathroom…at night…when we're using it.

    My wife has this industrial size squirt bottle she uses when they misbehave, even in the middle of the night…without opening her eyes. She's good. She can nail any cat 4 times out of 5 and I swear she doesn't even wake up half the time. Of course she misses once in awhile and nails me instead and I really can't tell if she chuckles about it or not as I don't have my hearing aids in. But I  have my suspicions because the bed tends to shake a bit after every time it happens.

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