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  1. The Irish, both N and Eire, are a cunning, rebellious bunch , in the economic sense.

    Those near the border, within 200 miles of it will work the system.

    Puckoon meets Whiskey Galore. 

    Spelling to suit location.

    Just keep laughing at it. It will be good for your heart.

    Lang may yer lum reek, old fella.

  2. From the UK side of the Irish Sea, the apparently complex issue is very simple.   The British voters (and current Government) want to leave the EU, their Parliament doesn't.  The Parliament thinks it knows best and it thinks it is safe from the wrath of the voters.   The Parliament is wrong on all counts.

    The most regrettable consequence will be if this internal democratic schism has negative effects on friendly states and people elsewhere: there's no reason why it should do, but the UK Parliament may decide to make that happen merely to justify, and thus magnify, its fundamental error.

    Whatever happens, the myth of democracy in the UK has now been exposed for all to see – but can other nations be sure that their own state institutions are not similarly misaligned with the wishes of their own people?

  3. This whole Brexit lark is really big over here.  Apparently it has something to do with England leaving the EU.  If I'm not mistaken the UK voted overwhelmingly to leave but ol' Theresa May couldn't get it done.  So she quit her job but now along comes this cat named Boris who claims that come hell or high water they're out on 31Oct..  Now parlament says no.  Wait isn't paraiment a representative body of the population?  Didn't the people vote to leave?  So what's the problem?  The people voted!  Get her done!  Gopher it Boris!

    • It's kind of complicated.  They have to leave under EU law.  But if they leave they will break the Good Friday Agreement.  They have since backed themselves into a corner by passing a law that they can't leave without an agreement but the only agreement has been rejected three times by Parliament.  Add to that the fact that English Parliament is generally against leaving and are doing everything in their power to stop Brexit and you'll begin to understand why they are in a mess.

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