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  1. Hope all goes well, Grandad. Just a small point, who is looking after Herself, while you are serving your short stretch inside ?

  2. Any nice nurses? 🙂 

    Wishing you a speedy recovery.  If there's anything we can do, we're not all that far away. So just shout. 

  3. My mother fell and broke her hip last November and required surgery and a brief hospital stay.  Being the only daughter, with a couple of well-meaning but utterly clueless brothers, I stayed with her in the hospital to make sure she was well taken care of.  God knows what happens to the poor souls with no friends or family to see to them.  Basically we went for 72 hours with no sleep.  When she was released home (with home health and physical therapy coming nearly daily for months) I think we both nearly fell into a coma.  We slept for about 17 hours.  The food was absolutely inedible, so I either went out to bring something in for us, or my brothers would stop by with something we could eat.  When I finally returned to my home 2 weeks later I had lost nearly 10 pounds.  

    There is no sleeping in a hospital…I honestly don't know how anyone ever recovers in one. 

    Wishing you a full and speedy recovery, Grandad.  Hope you'll be back at the manor and fiddling with the camera security system and other such in no time! 



  4. So very glad that you are alive and kicking. Well done – I have many a recent tale about hospitals – just remember they take themselves very seriously – no sense of humour – they're always right about everything – and it's all your fault if anything goes wrong.

  5. It’s probably Greta again , she’s haunting you.  Perhaps you might have a Damascene conversion and join the church of climatology. That I would pay money to see.  

  6. Richard, I would absolutely love to come visit you in the hospital, but with the hospital being in Ireland that makes it a bit tough.

    I wish you and Herself well, you two sure are going through things these days.

  7. Rule #1 when in hospital,  get your visitors to bring:


    Nicotine gum, if you're bedridden. 

    If you can get to the loo, several disposable efags (no need of charger, easy to hide and about 200 puffs from each).

    Bottled water.

    A long lead for your tablet/phone charger.

    All else, like choccies, fruit juice, knickers and such are of secondary importance.

  8. Ah, life in the hospital. Nothing like it. It seems there are things in common where hospitals are concerned here and there as well–except maybe the price of the stay, of course.

    Hopes for a speedy recovery and remember, no more smoking–ever! (I'm sure they've told you that already.) 😉


  9. Hi Grandad,


    I hope you make a full and speedy recovery. It sounds like they put a stent in a coronary artery. You should be fine. Funny how hospital food seems never to be nourishing for those in recovery.

    Get well soon

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