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  1. Get well soon, my good sir. I had one of those in 2002, at 46. I'm still enjoying my beer, baccy, and fry ups in lard. 

  2. Make the most of all the attention, Grandad. Will be sending good will thoughts your way. 

  3. If you've just had a pacemaker fitted more power to you! I had one installed five years ago and what a big positive difference it made.

    I call it my electronic ignition…

    Get better soon


    South Africa 

    • When I read that far I was half expecting you to say the vet made a diagnosis and gave you emergency treatment! I hope you make a full recovery, and keep being a pain in the side of the authorities – NOT suffering any further pain in your side…

  4. Your turn to be cared for… Which you richly deserve. Hope you find a way  to grab a crafty smoke though….

  5. Get well soon GD, enjoy the rest while it lasts.Btw, who`s looking after her in doors,hopefully she too is being well cared for.


  6. Through the wrist you say,  probably a stent then. Had the same in 2013. No harm no foul.

    All though, it does sound like a ploy to get away from herself for a rest.

    You should fire up the pipe on the ward… think of the fun you can have.

    Get hale, hearty and home GD.

  7. Get well and stay awkward. It's us awkward ones who last the longest (fingers crossed!)


  8. Get well soon Grandad.  Look after yourself, and keep up the posts.  I always read them, even though I don't agree with everything that you say.  Perhaps you need to think about moderating a few of your lifestyle choices though?  Sincerely; good luck, and best wishes for your recovery.


  9. Grandad,
    Welcome to the club… Make the most of the rest. As you say, you never know what’s round the corner and thus we should all try, against all the odds, to enjoy every day as, in the grand scheme of things, this life of ours is but a brief moment in the sun.

  10. Wishing you a speedy recovery Grandad! Have been reading and enjoying your posts for several years and hope to do so for many more!

  11. May I be the first to cry "Attention Whore!" ?  😛

    This is what taking that 'exercise ' thing in the toxic 'sweet fresh air of Eire' by walking the dawg down to the village everyday will do to a man. A cup of coffee and a cream bun after does NOT repair the damage you will have done striding down that mountainside. You have a car, for god's sake, man!

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  13. Get well and stay a curmudgeon: there are too few of us, although TPTB are doing their damnedest to ensure our numbers are growing rapidly.

  14. Get well soon. It did make me wonder if Greta had been reading your musings and wished you ill will.  

  15. 12 years since my heart will be fine .thank you for all the joy i get from your blogs best wishes from aus .eamonn

  16. So, turns out that you don’t have a heart of stone after all 😉

    All the best for a speedy recovery.

  17. Been there and done that. Those stents are bloody marvelous! All the best for a speedy recovery.

  18. Hey, Grandad.  Take it easy now while you can.

    Those stents are wonderful and the happy juice they give you for the operation should be available on request.

    Were you awake during the procedure ? Did you watch it on the big screen TV ?  Aren't the nurses all great.

    The only advice I'll offer you, having been through it a couple of times, is stay positive. Don't let the blackness in.  Faced with our own morality it's easy sink (you know what I mean).

    Looking forward to the stories for the next 20 years or so.

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