Sink or swim — 14 Comments

  1. I have no idea of who or what you speak of!  There has been zero media coverage of any one sailing here for whatever reason.  If she is an eco-warrior then I hope she lands in New York and gets beaten half to death by longshoremen.  No there wouldn't be any coverage of that.  It's an everyday event at the NY docks.

    • Greta Tintin Eleonora Ernman Thunberg [I had to look that up] is a Swedish kid who bunked off school to protest about Warble Gloaming.  Instead of punishing her for playing truant they lionised her.  As a kid with some mental difficulties [which makes her immune to criticism] she became the poster girl for the Alarmists.  At this stage she has even overtaken Bono as the number one political meddler.

      The Longshoremen are welcome to her [and all who sail in her].

    • No mention of what mode of transportation she is taking to get back to Sweden, though.

      Good heavens! We're not going to have to keep her are we?

  2. I hope she doesn't go down with her ship, just think of the environmental damage she would cause. 

  3. The €4 million yacht she’s sailing on is made of carbon fibre – a material with a carbon footprint 14 times higher than that of steel, and that “spews out a significant amount of greenhouse gases” during its manufacturing.

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