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  1. But every cloud has a silver lining of business opportunity.   If all those users are being sent to the same places for 'treatment', the local weed-dealers will soon be lining the streets on the routes to and from the 'treatment centre', offering their wares to a concentrated market of  already committed users.   Much more efficient than standing round in a dangerous city centre at night or paying commission to takeaway drivers: sales will boom, profits will boom, volumes will increase, prices will fall, saves time, trouble, risk and money for the users, everyone's happy – well, happily spaced-out anyway.

    So spaced-out that they won't even notice what a dick Leo is when it comes to dealing with a proper PM in London.   Maybe that's the plan.

    • That's a fair point.  We cn expect to see a few "pop up" shops appearing around the various centres.  All I really need is a chair [foldable for a quick getaway]?

  2. I'm beginning to think that your government really sucks.  I know our Federal gubmint is a shambles and the Pennsylvania gubmint has it's problems but Geez, We decriminalized small amounts of grass a few years ago.  Now because of the epidemic of people OD'ing on Heroin and Fentynal there are harsh penalties for that stuff.  We have the single most liberal Governor in the country.  He's an asshat.  A real turd but his Leuitenant Governor if he had his way would legalize grass.  He has been campaigning for it since he was sworn in.  We have Medical grass available [at great cost].  I think we should alll be like Portugal and leaglize it all.  Just be done with it.  Tax it and let everyone be.

    That's what I think

    • Beginning to think?  What took you so long?  We have only just legalised the medical stuff within the last couple of months.  Why can't they just look at Portugal and see for themselves that criminalising drugs just doesn't work?  There again, if grass was legal it would hit sales of pharma products which says a lot!

    • "…your government really sucks…"


      Offhand, Brian, I'm hard pushed to think of one which doesn't.

  3. "…Equally suppose I am caught with a few spliffs in my pocket? Do I get the same lectures on the evils of dope..?"

    I suppose you'd just have to take pot luck.


    OK, I'll get my coat.

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