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  1. Had I in fact broken through into my neighbour’s land?

    I'm sure the neighbor will let you know if you have.

    Sounds a bit like our situation. We have a monster of a red cedar hedge and it's a bitch to trim every year. It's about 164 feet (49.9+ meters) in length with an average width of 6 feet (1.8 meters) which means trimming one side and half the top (on a ladder no less) and then trimming the other side and the rest of the top. The clippings are gathered and trucked in the wheel barrow up to our north woods (yes, by some strange coincidence, we have them also). Fortunately, the deer gobbled up large areas of the hedge this past winter so most of our trimming this year is already done–and probably a few years to come since they ate all the green off and left nothing but brown stubble.

    We also had two trees come down on the same upper property this summer. Luckily enough they didn't block the path to our brush pile so we can cut them up at our leisure.

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