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  1. Why parade your ignorance; it's nothng to be proud of. For your information Christine Lagarde is one of the most influential women in the world in her present job and will lose nothing by changing to her new one. I suspect you actually knew that and think that faux  ignorance is clever. In that as in most things you are wrong.

    • Welcome Ben!  Ignorance?  Frankly, she may be "influential" in some quarters but to claim she is "one of the most influential women in the world" is stretching things a bit?

      Coincidentally, Microdave's comment [below] arrived just after yours.  Interesting?

  2. With seven kids, at least the new EU Fuhrerine should go down well with the traditional Irish.

    Maybe if she'd just 'gone down' she might have avoided a few of them.

    Her abysmal record as a minister in Germany explains why the smart Germans are glad to see the back of her.

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